Looking for Video Editing & Voice Over Work


I am a video editor and voice over artist looking to gain more experience and work with indie filmmakers. I work with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. I am able to do trimming, motion graphics, captioning, and more.
I am looking to increase my portfolio and work with other creative people. I have experience filmmaking and editing raw footage into final, concise video content. I also have experience editing Instagram stories, as well.

You can reach out to me at brianbrownfilm@gmail.com if you have any opportunities that might need a video editor or voice over artist. You can also view my video editor reel and voice over reels on my website https://www.brianbrownfilm.com.

Thank You!
Those voice over reels were a lot of fun. The commercial reel was indeed very "commercial" sounding. The videogame reel was hilarious and cool! Good job and good luck!