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wanted Looking for musicians to record bits of Holst's The Planets

Hello everyone! I'm working on a podcast – apologies, it's not a film – for which I am seeking recordings of Holst's The Planets. I'm hoping to use bits of each of the seven movements across the series. If anyone has access to any recordings from The Planets which I could use (fully credited, of course) then I'd love to hear them.

If you're an instrumentalist (piano preferably, though I'm open to ideas) who might be interested in recordings single instrument versions of the seven movements (doesn't need to be the full movement, can just be snippets) then I'd love to chat. I can offer some beer money if you're doing fresh recordings, even if I can't quite afford a proper payday. But might be a fun lockdown project for a bored musician! Feel free to reply here, DM me or email me to nick[@]podotpods.com, thanks!