Looking for a writing mate, partner of similar age(18)

I'm very interested in the film script but I know the process of creating it is quite long. I'd like to find a partner because I'm looking for mutual discipline, exchange of interesting ideas and finally getting something on the page. I won't say I'm a beginner because I think that I have the basic knowledge. But I would like to continue improving my writing skills and it would certainly be more enjoyable improving them with someone.
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Don't limit yourself by age. There are a number of established professionals here on IndieTalk who can help you on your journey with critiques and advice.
Welcome, Filip. Someone (might have been Syd Field or William Goldman... I'm old, who remembers) said "the art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair". Just keep getting "something down on the page", and your skills will improve as well as your level of enjoyment.