Lights for indoor real estate video shoots?


I was wondering what would be the best light/s for indoor real estate shooting? I´ve been doing photography for couple of years but I would like to make video tours of houses but I don´t know what type of lights to use.

Any recocommendations on what lights to buy? (I need a compact kit of like 2-3 lights that could easily fit in my car and could be carried all day without any trouble.)

Also I´m a newbie into this, so if anybody could walk me through what would be the best for me? I´m not willing to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment right now. Something that could get me started would be nice.

((My DSLR that I´m using is Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.))
Since you’re dealing with mixed lighting temperatures - you have daylight coming in, plus whatever (tungsten?) fixtures are in the house - you want to grab bi-color LEDs. Get a larger panel that can bring up the overall level of the room and a couple smaller ones you can use to focus on shadow areas. For example, if there’s a dark staircase in the background, place a smaller light at the top of the stairs and aim it down to add some life there.

Dracast makes some decent and inexpensive panels. I wouldn’t go for the cheapest they make. Take a look at the LED500 Pro and LED1000 Pro. I’d also grab a couple of the little battery-powered mini panels like the Aputure M9 (or the F7 if they’d ever ship the damned thing). Those tiny lights can be tucked under shelves and onto book cases to deal with hard to reach dark spots.

Just light carefully. You don’t want it to look like you lit the space. You can also run into creating shadow areas as the camera moves. Diffuse your main lighting source to create a soft wash in the room.
Real estate video is all about high volume at low costs for most shooters, and lighting them just wouldn't make sense. (not like it does for real estate photography of low to mid end houses)