LBGT Independent Film


I am cooking up a story with LBGT themes and topics and was just wondering if there are any collaborators in the U.K above the line or below the line interested?

I am based in the North East of England but really don't mind where you are based.

The script is nearly finished and I am tweaking certain aspects and was just generally looking to make a crew list of potential people for the future, especially co-producers.

Give us a bell


I might be able to help depending on dates and locations, Im based near Beamish and Im most experienced as a stills photographer if that's any use?
I would be really interested to help this project with a soundtrack and would be very grateful for the experience working with you.
Thanks guy i will add your names to this list for future reference.

By any chance, do you know of any local line producers or assistants who would be interested?