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Is this undercover scenario too elaborate?

For my story, after a gang member is arrested but then released for not being able to get her to speak up, she then has to lay low and not make contact with the rest of the gang, unless it's an emergency, because the police now know who she is, and could survey her.

They send in an undercover cop to meet her, let him know he is one of the gang members, but a new one, since she has not spoken to the gang for a few weeks, or maybe even months, if that's better. So he came to her to warn her that the cops have evidence on her, and is lying of course, to try to get her to give up certain information. However, during the course of him meeting her and trying to get her to talk, she figures out that he may be an undercover cop, since he cannot answer certain questions about the gang's previous activities, that he would likely know, if he was a member. So she tries to flee him, but he chases her down to try to convince. She attacks him and a fight breaks out.

Three other men then come and chase down the cop. These three men then tell her that they are gang members, but newer ones since she last saw the gang. They came to save her from the undercover cop, since the cops are all over her, they say. They then try to find out what she told the cops, or what they know from her.

However, these three men are also undercover cops, and it was a contingency plan, in case she was not fooled by the first cop and they had to do something to prove they were the gang, like committing violence against an imposter. However, is this set up way too elaborate, even for police standards?

The crook is guilty of participating in an infamous kidnapping and that is her only crime. But in order to bust kidnappers, would they go to such elaborate lengths? Obviously I want them to, to an extent for entertainment, but is this too much for the audience to buy as plausible for police methods?

It's not exactly original because something very similar was done on 24, but what do you think? Mainly they have to get her to talk, so they have to do it without her thinking that they are cops.
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And what is the woman's relationship to the gang other than the fact she is part of it - is she the leader's girlfriend, or a girlfriend of any of the members? If not then how about this: the cops send in an undercover cop to get close to her. Over time they gain her trust, maybe become an item, and they gather information from her. But their cover is blown at some point after getting the information so the gang, and the woman, know they were played by the undercover cop, and in this way she remains with the gang.
I think this might be workable, but I would have to ask others. I don't think it creates any holes in the story by doing that, at least none that I can see so far. Thanks for the idea.

However, another writer got back to me, and he made an interesting observation.

He says that I foreshadow the twist way too much. If the woman is arrested but gets off on a technicality, only to have a cop go undercover to try to bust her later, we the audience knows way ahead of time she is guilty, and it ruins the surprise twist that she is.

He says it would be much more of a surprise, if she does something to reveal to the main character that she is guilty instead of the main character, the investigating cop, stumbles upon evidence that she is. That just ruins the surprise, and foreshadows too much.

However, I was never planning on having a big twist later where the MC finds out she's bad. I wanted him to stumble upon a clue, and follow up on it. Does she have to reveal that she is bad herself, so that it's a complete surprise, at least how he puts it?

I mean is it fair to say I ruined the big twist, when I always wanted her to be investigated and I never intended any twist? I asked him and he said the fact that I never intended a big twist, is a hugely missed opportunity.

He says that I should cut out the whole section where she is investigated and the cops have something on her, and have it be revealed by herself later as a surprise. But if I cut all that out, then I am way short on plot and the script will definitely not be feature length. He says I should come up with different plot instead so I can keep it as a surprise.

What do you think?