Interview with Independent Filmmakers

To whom this may concern

I hope this message finds you well during these challenging times. I am getting touch to humbly ask the possibility for any Filmmakers, Independent and Part of a Production Company to contribute to a final major research project I am undertaking to complete my studies at Ravensbourne University, London. The research project in question looks into the impact that Film franchise and sequels have on originality in the film industry and requires views from both perspective to reach the most valid conclusion. I consider a lot of people on this form have had experience trying to be independent and make original ideas but may have found it hard due to the influx of franchise movies in todays industry, so your opinions will be more than valid.

I appreciate this a form for people looking for work in Film but I thought that this would be the best place to find people who would give the best response. The interview can also be held over Zoom call if that is easier.​

if you are interested please get in touch:

Thank you for your consideration of my request

Best Wishes,
Eric Alexander Gallimore​