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campaign In the Name of God Short Film - Aspiring for diversity in British cinema & storytelling

My name is Stephen Noorshargh and I am a film director along with my peer Sulymaan Hameed. We are currently crowd funding for our short film 'In the Name of God', a story that is derived from Islamic fables (https://igg.me/at/B5vyyXyCicI/x#/) . We intend to take these Eastern elements and graft them onto a European setting during the heights of the Crusade and, hopefully, create an intertwining-tapestry of cultures & beliefs within our narrative.

This film is very personal for both me and Sully as we are filmmakers born in the West but with family and roots in the Islamic world (e.g. Iran & Pakistan). Thus, we consider this film an attempt at reconciling and studying the tense history that has persisted between these cultures throughout the centuries (all the way to the present day) as well as giving a voice to narratives that often go underrepresented in British cinema. Any support you can offer, small or large, will be greatly appreciated!