In Need of a Folk Guitarist/Aritst for Soundtrack to Hiking/Coming of Age movie

Alright! So long story short, this movie is a passion project of mine (it took me about 2 years from writing to completion to get this movie filmed) and the artist I just had slated to do the original soundtrack dropped out due to not having enough time to really meet the deadline requirements we were looking for.

But in short, I'm really really in need of a folksy type guitar player/artist to do a soundtrack full of about 8-9 songs total kind of to the same vibe as a movie like "Into the Wild." (Not copying by any means of course.) It's an adventure/coming of age movie though so really for looking for someone who can pull off the nostalgic/coming of age sound that the movie is really longing for. Here is the IMDB link... get a better idea of the concept of the film. It's just a bummer the guy doing the soundtrack had to back out last second with it almost being finished. But it's okay! I must press on regardless!

I've also attached a behind the scenes video so you can really gauge a feel for the music I want in the movie and what has gone into it as a whole. All the songs in the video are from the guy I was working with. So if you or anyone you know may be interested, there is also $200 compensation involved - So please either message me at justynbell23[at] or reply to this thread with your contact information and work, and we can set up a meeting. thanks guys!


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