I'm looking for actors and actresses who wants to collaborate on my short film

Body Stories: Together

That's the name of my upcoming short film of the 'Body Stories' series.

The main concept of this project is to spread messages of transformation into a higher realm, positivity, union...

The first short film of this serie it's published on YouTube. 'Body Stories: Suraj & Julieta' its available free of cost.

Now I'm searching for actors and actresses, amateurs or professionals seeking for a different experience of direction, 100% online, with a team from different parts of the globe, multicultural and with an organic, inclusive way of creation.

As this is a 100% collaborative, zero budget audiovisual project I'm not offering payment to the participants. I would love to pay the well deserved salary of each of my team members but right now isn't a reality. No one of us is having any source of income from this audiovisual project. But I do offer the written promise of fair division for future incomes (film festival prizes, YouTube, donations, and so on).

That mentioned, I proceed to specify which profiles I'm looking for:

  • A man in his 40 somethings - 50's
  • A couple (man and woman)
If you don't identify with this profiles don't worry. Anyway I want to read you to start our conversations :welcome:

Any (respectful) questions I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Take care,

Mariluz. 🌸