I have a computer question...

I can't seem to figure out how to get a better signal for my computer. I have a mac G4.

In my house, I have one of those "bundles" that you get from the cable company. The signal, which is fine on the first floor, is woefully bad on the second floor.

I have been told that the metal "studs" in the house are the reason the signal on the second floor is so weak. (shrug)

Okay. So I just purchased a Netgear Wireless Router. And have spent two afternoons trying to get it to work. Yesterday I could not get one of the "prompts" to display so that I could put in the information (password, etc) required for the "setup wizard".

Fine. So today I call customer tech service. I spent a couple hours only to have him tell me that I need to buy a modem as well. I have a modem. On my laptop. Which is where I want the signal to be stronger. (I think there was a language barrier) When the router was connected to my laptop, the signal (all the bars) seemed strong, but I couldn't get online. This is why I think the issue has something to do with the "setup wizard"

Look, I just want to be able to do my stuff on my computer. I need a steady signal to upload things so that I can get them on YouTube or whatever so that when my website is functional, I can get my stuff on it.

Am I asking for too much? Can't I PLEASE have a better signal? Huh? :no: (sigh...)

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Of course, because it runs into the same connection issue you have with your laptop if you put IT upstairs.. just put it somewhere CLOSER to upstairs..

right by the ceiling.

Option two (the last resort clause): move downstairs and plug it in .. when you need to upload a video.

What I meant was it still isn't working. And remember the issue was also that my signal was so weak that I could barely be online.

I had decided to use the set up wizard since the devices LEDs will not remain blue. When I attempt to start the setup wizard I get: "site survey fail. please try again." After trying again a number of times, it seems that I will not be able to use the disc setup wizard either. So, one more lo-tech attempt, I am putting the device on the first floor directly under my upstairs office and....it indicates that it is configured for now.

When it was on the 2nd floor, the LEDs would be blue then red then blue again. Either way I now no longer have ANY real signal, it is worse than before I began.

It is late enough now for me to be tired of fighting with it. I think I'll just leave it for tonight and try again tomorrow.

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I couldn't agree more.

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Well, as of right now, I have one dot (line) for my signal. It fluctuates between one line and two lines. (shrug)

The expander is on the first floor in the living room which is directly under my office. Signal is still sucky. I guess I'll have to get one of those "geek" guys to fix this or just suffer.

...I hate gadgets... :grumpy:

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Here is a complete shot in the dark. You might want to double check your computer to see if you might have accidentally turned off the wireless function by hitting some of you one of your wireless function keys. I know you can do it with a PC, but not sure about a Mac. Also, you might want to try and set it up when it is connected with a cable.
I describe the mouse.

"OHHHHHH. You mean the foot-pedal?"


Spinner, have you checked your foot-pedal?

You laugh, but back when I was an IT guy, one of my strangest tasks was searching for a 'mouse' solution that could be controlled with the user's foot for a particular editor with serious repetitive stress damage in her hands.


I have other suggestions for you, Spinner, but those just dig deeper into the nerd hole. ;) The simple solution has already been mentioned, cat5e/cat6 will run plenty of length to cover the space you described. I'd just find a way to cheat a wire where you need it and call it a day.
I've been biting my tongue for the last couple days. Please, for the love of God, will you plug that fucking computer in?! Really long wires can be run through your house, quite inconspicuously.

How am I the only voice of reason? I'm drunk, for Christ's sake, yet I'm making more sense than this entire discussion. PLUG. IT. IN.
CF... do you have a laptop, the whole point of the extra expense on the beast is the portability :P

Wireless router in bedroom gives spinner the option of both plugging her computer in (for those occasion when she wants a fast connection,ie - uploading), as well as the convenience of mobility. This can only be achieved with a really long cable.
I've been out of town for a couple of days so I'm only now seeing what the expander will do. Plus, I have a short film to edit and a possible music video (I have a meeting for that next week!)

For the last two days, I have gotten a almost consistent "two lines" of signal. I don't know if that is temporary or cloud cover.:P I guess we'll see. I figure I will see how consistent the signal is for the next week. If I'm not happy then I'll drag one of those geek squad guys by his little black tie and make him set it up so that it works.

Or I'll return the expander and spend the money at the casino. :D

My laptop is in my office. If my office was in my bedroom, we wouldn't even have this thread goin' on!

...now I get to go harrass Alcove with audio questions....

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