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how much should I charge for a TV commercial


My name is Rick. I am a freelancer starting my own business just like you. I mostly have done websites. Yet I am expanding to video production. I was wondering if you mind helping me out. The question I had was, what is the industry standard for say a :30 commercial for television. i know that it depends on the elements of the commercial where it is being seen and many other facts. But is there a base price that i should be starting with?

I would appreciate any help you can give me in this.

Thanks again for your time and help,

Rick Courchaine
Heybirdy Productions
Our firm charges our clients anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000 for a regional (80K demographic) :30 television commercial (plus expenses: travel, v/o talent, photography, score). This is at least a benchmark for what WE get in our market but obviously this cost would go up significantly if we were in a bigger city (a friend is producing a :30 in Manhattan and the budget for that is $250K).

Hope this helps.
Rick, you might do well to contact a few local production companies and see what their rates are, or talk to people who already have commercials on your local networks and see if you can find out what they paid.