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Hottest Game In Town For Short Subject Filmmakers Around The World

Newport Beach, Calif., September 19, 2005 – Since Portalcast, Inc. announced its call for short-film submissions in July, independent filmmakers from around the globe have been submitting their best work to Portalcast’s film review panel.

“Films from as far away as Israel, Australia, Europe and Great Britain – and as close as Burbank – are arriving daily,” said Caroline Ancheta, Portalcast’s media acquisitions manager. “Smart filmmakers are seeing the value of submitting their short films early so they get a jump on the competition. If they’re good, they’re also likely to see their future film submissions moved to the top of our review panel’s stack.”
Filmmakers are taking advantage of a new opportunity: Portalcast’s upcoming deployment of a “mini-cinema” network across North America and Europe. The network is devoted to exhibiting great short-subject films in places where consumers shop, dine and visit. Plans call for the initial network deployment in January 2006.

Portalcast Entertainment Network clearly has hit a nerve with filmmakers and could loom as the hottest thing since MTV arrived in 1981 and changed the music industry forever by transforming unknown musicians into superstars almost overnight.

This is a new medium for film exhibition: a network developed specifically for the exhibition of high-quality, short-subject films. Filmmakers can earn significant income if their work is selected to run in Portalcast’s programming lineup.

“This is an opportunity for filmmakers to do what they love to do and make money doing it,” said Ancheta. “It’s a great opportunity to gain exposure, build a brand and produce great motion pictures.”
Portalcast has decided to offer slots in its programming schedule for slightly longer films; initially, film submissions were limited to three minutes or less.

“We’ve had so many requests and submissions in the 4- to 10-minute range that we made the decision to accept films running 10 minute or less,” Ancheta said. “This opens up a whole new realm of films for our network.”

Submission of films for consideration by Portalcast is free. Filmmakers interested in submitting their work or getting more information may email Portalcast at filmsubmissions@portalcastinc.com or visit their website at www.portalcastfilms.com.

For More Information Contact:
Caroline Ancheta