Hey I'm Jules


I'm from Australia and I'm currently finishing a degree totally unrelated to filmmaking. I've been into filmmaking for my entire life but have never really had the balls to pursue it full blown. Joining this forum might just be the kick I need cos all you guys seem so enthusiastic and motivated, it's really cool.
Hi Jas, another Aussie here, where abouts are you located? If your first degree is in law, marketing/business, communications/media, it'll come in handy with filmmaking. And if your degree is something else... well, it's all about what you do rather than official education, just because someone has a filmmaking degree doesn't make them a good filmmaker, so don't worry about qualifications :)
lol thanks luci

I'm actually in my last year of vet science, so when I said a degree totally unrelated to filmmaking, i meant it. I live in sydney so same as you.

Are you in the filmmaking business?