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Help Support an Indie Serial Killer Movie!

Hey everyone!
My name is Mae, it's wonderful to have stumbled here with you all.

Alas, I confess, I have a bit of an ulterior motive. You see, I'm a up-and-coming filmmaker (aka a nobody) and I've got a Kickstarter going for my next project. The reason I bring it here is because it's about a serial killer. A serial killer with feelings and problems. He's also a sharp dresser.

I've been writing about serial killers since I was fourteen, they were quickly my favorite sort of character to write. People who were inhumane yet still human. Apathetic over some things, but passionate about others. Outsiders enough to examine the rest of society.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I've been making movies about serial killers since I started film school about three years ago. I'm about to graduate and want to make a film with a larger scale production. Larger scale means more expensive, hence a Kickstarter. So if you can, take a look, contribute if you like, please share if you want! Here's the link:

You can learn more about me here:

I also recently did a podcast with my buddy all about serial killers and our fascination with them. If you'd like to check that out, it's right here:

And my previous films here:

Thank you for your time!

Mae Catt
I don't like serial killers, I like psychopathic killers like the joker in the dark knight, we're not so different, if you need help writing the script I can lend a hand.
I apologize, I didn't realize the link wasn't working!

Thank you so much, Caidh for fixing that for me! And thank you Rayw for adding it to the running list.

And QualityHD, I think all serial killers would be considered psychopathic and vice versa! Thank you for your offer, but the script is already written, we just need the funding now to get going!
Caidh Mor -
Thank you for the link repair! :cheers:

And QualityHD, I think all serial killers would be considered psychopathic and vice versa! Thank you for your offer, but the script is already written, we just need the funding now to get going!
Whoah! Nossirree.
You gotta learn the generally recognized social difference between your psychopaths from your sociopaths, (even though the DSM doesn't recognize any difference). :lol:
Big, big difference.
Can't believe you'd just brush this off after writing about serial killers since you were 14. ;)

That sort of giddy-giddy-go-go lack of attention to detail is NOT going to benefit this or any endeavor in life.
This isn't pouring ketchup on a hamburger bun.
Even the poor guys putting pepperonis on pizzas put in more effort than that.
How much effort does your serial killer put into selecting his knife?
Then how much effort did you put into crafting "Sam's" gay serial killer persona?
Then crafting the story? :(

BTW, your's is one of THE MOST charming and engaging videos I've ever seen.
GL with your campaign.
Listen, I understand the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath. Don't think my casual shrugging of "Serial killers ARE psychopaths" doesn't mean that they can't also be sociopaths. To be able to kill multiple people, I'd figure there must be something wrong with you.

Now, I won't sit here and say I am an expert in psychology because I'm not. But I don't appreciate the insinuation that because I can't eloquently tell you the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath I don't know my characters, who I freely say are fictional, and thus don't fit in with our exact definitions of existing serial killers. There will never be a serial killer like Sam (or Adam, or Quentin from the other films), but that's okay, because they are fictional. They don't have to be realistic to what a serial killer is in our world, so long as they are realistic people (I've told my friends the serial killers I write are like the mutants in the marvel universe, no matter who they are or how good they are, sometimes they'll just wake up one moment and BAM, they want to kill people).

If you want me to break it down for you, I'd say Sam is much more of a sociopath than a psychopath. He has very real emotions, and is extremely empathetic to other people and is concerned for what others want and need. That's how he grew up. In the service of his family. He's the last son in a long history and he can feel the pressure of not just his mother and his grandparents (his father killed himself when Sam was four) but he can feel the pressure of generations. Thus, he always strives to be "normal" whatever that meant. To that end he wandered through his life accordingly with what he thought others wanted from him. For example, he's a doctor because that was a "noble enough" profession, not because he wanted to help people. Also he's gay, not that anyone but his girlfriend knows that (The girlfriend's the one that figured it out anyway, her name's Audrey). He was able to live his life for others so easily because he felt a disconnect to everyone else (the sociopath-y). It wasn't that he couldn't feel emotions or empathetic towards other people (as in a psychopath) but he found it extremely difficult to just connect with people. People were like books to him, he could read them, understand them, understand their feelings and needs, but he could not connect to them any further than that.

His weapon of choice is his cane. He's got a busted knee, a war injury (bullet through the knee, 16 screws keep his leg together). His grandfather, also a veteran, gives him a cane with a hidden sword inside it. The grandfather claims he beat a Nazi to death with it, but Sam was never able to tell if he was telling the truth or not.

Sam goes to Vietnam (because it is a noble endeavor, not because he believes in it or not), spends two months there (typical for volunteer surgeons). Right at the end of his term his base was attacked. In self defense he had to kill four enemy soldiers. I mean, he had to kill them yes, but he didn't have to stab them in the neck over and over again, or explore their insides while they were still alive. During his escape he gets shot through the knee. But by then the it's too late. He's tasted blood, it's like a fire has erupted inside him, the missing spark in his life has returned. He doesn't want to wander through his life now, now he has purpose, want, need. But unfortunately that want is to kill people. He wakes up in the army hospital, devastated that he's not dead.

He can't go home like this. Gay, crippled, and a murderer.

So at the start of our film he's dealing with returning home with all these feelings, and despite it's terrible truth, he is comforted by them. He's finally discovering who he is. He starts to think back, concluding that he always held these murderous feelings inside him, and now they're finally out. He thinks that perhaps his father had the same feelings and decided to kill himself rather than fake his way through a family life.

And this is just what happens when he's a young man.

Anyway, blah blah blah, stuff that happens in the film. The rest of his life summed up: He eventually leaves home, taking a few years to wander across America, having fun, getting in fights, falling in love, really living (he returns home when his Mother is dying decades later, but she claims she doesn't have a son). He ends up in Los Angeles, finds people like him. Eventually he starts dating Adam, by then he's in his forties, Adam is just eighteen, but the young boy has a sinister smile and he can't resist Adam's charms. They're together for another decade or so.

Then there's Quentin. Then what happens with Adam and Quentin.

Then Sam kills himself.

I could go on. And on. And on. And on.

This is a fantastic campaign and I'd be fairly surprised if you didn't meet your goal. Hopefully you have some final marketing blitz planned to get you to home base. Good luck!
Hey! Sorry about disappearing, real life decided to say "hey, Mae, I know you're super busy with the Kickstarter, but how about we a nervous breakdown about other stuff?"

Anyway, ETA, theoretically in a perfect world we shoot late October, wrapping things up hopefully in January. I'd say sooner but my last films always managed to drag out in post.

And thank you Jalum! I have no final marketing blitz planned other than asking the forums, blogs, and twitter feeds that have already posted about me to give it one more go. We're down to our last 48 hours and we're so close!

New Reward, chip in $5 I'll owe you a favor. Whatever you like, as long as it's within reason.
Congratulations on your successful kickstarter campaign!

Will we be seeing any more of you here? :yes:
Thank you kindly!

I plan on sticking around once I get some sleep. I can't tell you how excited and exhausted I am!