Hello all.

My name is Joe Trione. I've been interested in film for as long as I can remember. I'm a big fan of horror movies. I love anything from Scream to Suspiria.

I've been making movies since I was twelve (2000). As the years pass I get better and better at what I do, which is writing and directing. After all of these years I get to finally direct my first full length film called "The Torn Photo". I co-wrote it with Jessica Cox who also plays one of the leads in the film.

Anyone who lives in Missouri and would like to make a movie or something please PM me. If anyone wants to add me to their MSN lists feel free.


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HailtotheKing is a regular member, and is from Missouri. I'm sure you'll see some of his posts.
I know Cohen (HailtotheKing) quite well. He's a pretty cool guy. I finally got to watch all of RTTW (now have DSL) and really liked it.
Welcome Joe! I'm a horror fan myself. Hopefully someday we will get to see a link to your work posted here. Feel free to check out my website (link below my name). And don't be shy about asking for advice--this is a great group of people!
Hey Joe welcome, yes this is one of the best forums, and i've been to a few. I mean I'm even getting advice on how to make a server out of my old Mac. So advice here is very good. See you around. Plus don't forget to submit your films to VegasIndiesTV.
Thanks for making me feel welcome. I'm usually only online during the weekends, so I haven't had a chance to reply. I'm sure I'll have a great time here.