Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself

Hello all!

I am a composer with a strong background in orchestral scoring, but love for other genres as well (most recently started working on the score for a musical called "Dead Man Walking" which is a really fun Klezmer project). I have been writing since I was a kid, majored in composition (and literature) at Michigan State for under-grad, and have recently moved out to Los Angeles to try to make it happen in the industry.

I love movies. I'm a huge fan of story-telling in general, and I really love movies that bend the rules with pacing and style (Wes Anderson and Woody Allen). When I was in middle and high-school I used to film shorts with my friend before I realized it really just an excuse for me to have something to write the music to.

I'd love to hear from any people out here for general discussion or serious inquiries. Really looking forward to being active on these boards.

If you want to get an idea about my music feel free to check out my website, where I have a full bio and a number of sample scores for you. Thanks for reading!

Most of what I have posted is produced in Reason, using a number of libraries, primarily Miroslav. I believe all of the tracks feature live recorded instruments as well.

One notable exception is my score "First Light" which was my first MIDI production and was done completely with the limited Mixcraft libraries.