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For Sale: Low Budget Noir Thriller Screenplay - Feature

I have a screenplay called Incall a very low budget thriller about a family man
that finds himself in the middle of a blackmail plot when he visits an escort
but accidentally kills her pimp.

PM me if you are interested in seeing it. I wrote it to produce myself but I'm weary of making
no budget features and hope the screenplay can find a home with someone who has some
funding to do it right. I've had other producers express interest in the screenplay but nothing came of it.

Price: Negotiable.


Incall - "A family man finds himself the target of blackmail when he visits a prostitute and accidentally kills her pimp."


"Bury the truth deep. Bury the bodies deeper."


Two upper middle class houses.
One lower income house.
Deserted rural area.

99 Pages

(by order of importance)

PAUL - 40, family man, working class but not a physically intimidating person, reserved
BIANCA - 19, prostitute, extremely attractive, hard demeanor
NATE - 40, newspaper report, confident, relaxed, intelligent, outgoing
CRAWFORD - 23, petty crook, crazy dangerous with a sinewy muscular physique, slightly out of it mentally making him unpredictable
LINDA - 38, Paul's wife, aloof, fading looks
RICHARD - 55, Paul's nosy neighbor
ARCHIE - 60s, an earthy but slow Good Samaritan who assists Paul and Bianca with a flat
tire - (1 day)
OFFICER PANOS - 40s - police officer/ detective - (1 day)
JONAH - 6 - Paul and Diane's son
JOEL - 21- Bianca's boyfriend / pimp, muscular tough guy (1 day)
AARON - 38, Paul's friend - (1 day)
SHANIA - 18, sexy daughter of real estate client (1 day)
HEAVY SET WOMAN - 50s, motel patron - (1 day)
MOTEL MANGER - 40s,* doesn't need to be seen (1 day)


Going, Going, Gone (comedy) - writer - Amazon Studios Best Screenplay March 2011 20k Winner -
" When a college freshman gets dumped by her boyfriend because she refuses to go all the way, she
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Male Order Bride (comedy) - writer - Slamdance Feature Screenplay 2009 contest Grand Prize Winner
(A desperate young man poses as a mail order bride to get the United States.)

Geek Mythology (comedy) - writer/ director/ producer - completed feature - 2008 - available on Netflix.

Minnesota Murder Mystery - writer - A store detective graduates from chasing shoplifters to catching
murderers when co-worker dies under mysterious circumstances. -* Optioned by Craig Nicholls of
Pendle View Productions and Arthur Axelman former head of the William Morrris Television Division.

Outside Looking In (comedy) - writer - An aspiring cinematographer turns to adult movies as he woos a legitimate
actress - optioned to Parallax Productions.

A Long Hair Christmas - writer - screenplay represented by Jewerl Ross of APA
and Silent R Management - 2002