Flycam 5000

Hi people,

Looking for some advice regarding the flycam 5000, so I have a canon 60d and I'm having some trouble balancing. I know the flycam 5000 is for cams between 2 and 8 pounds, mines about 2.5-3. I read somewhere that you should use a camera closer to the upper limit and so Im thinking the flycam nano would be better for me? Should I just swap around? Is it related to my camera weight or is the flycam just horrible to balance. I have the money for a glidecam, should I just go for that? Whatya think people?
Hi rianlemon

BTW, nice picture :)

I always thinking too many stabilizers around the world.

How about just buy non expensive one and watch videos explaing "how to balance".

these day I'm looking into Firmcam stabilizers. I'm not sure this one is good or bad but they trying to make and spread reviews on the network.

Seems good and cheaper than others. But not sure about balancing.

Whatever you are buying, would you please make a thread or anything on this forum??

So I can think about what I should get??
I agree that the upper weight is often easier to balance. You could try adding a rode video mic or something to add to that weight, I've had some success with doing that.

Glidecams have the better name, but at the end of the day I think it comes down to the user (practice :) ) and how it's balanced. My brief experience with a flycam and little bit more experience with a glidecam showed that they were quite similar. (I'm a Steadicam Merlin guy myself, I bought it before the Glidecam was cool)
The are advantages to the MōVI system, and there are disadvantages. The biggest of which is that a stabilisation rig is upwards from $4k, DSLR flycam/glidecam/steadicam rigs are less than $1k.

So is the $699 Nebula 4000 Lite 3-axis brushless gimbal stabiliser :)

That said, I have the Flycam 5000, and it can be a challenge to balance. This video from emm at Cheesycam really helped me a lot:

Best of luck!

Thanks folks, I returned the flycam 5000 and went for a flycam nano as its upper balance is closer to my cameras weight, hopefully a bit easier to stabilize. I hope I can use glidecams and other better quality gear in the future but I think the flycam is a good beginner system and I think its a good choice for me right now. Thanks again!