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Fantasy/Puppet/Musical Feature Film...

Cool! I love puppets & puppetry!

Did you reloacte to SoCal, btw? Just saw this plugged in a local filmmaker FB group.
I worked with a former Henson puppeteer for several years.

When we first met, she know almost nothing about computer animation. After a couple of shows, I realized she was the best CG character animator I'd ever met.

Good looking video. Best of luck!
Thanks all for the kind words and taking the time to check out our project. Really appreciate it. I am still in the great state of Wisconsin, however our director/writer, who originally is from Wisconsin, is now location in SoCal. He may have reposted in there.

Indietalk was one of the first communities I joined when I started in the "business", so I'll make sure to keep everyone up to date as far as the process goes. Is there a specific place on the board where I can start a journal of our production?
Hello again all-

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support and help. We were able to reach our goal. With 18 days left we are working on our stretch goals which hopefully we'll hit. But again thanks. I'll keep everyone posted as we start progress on the film. Hopefully principle photography goes as well as our Kickstarter campaign. Follow the link below if you want to learn more about our project.