Fake-blood recipe

corn syrup
LOTS of red food coloring
just a tad of blue food coloring
a few sprinkles of water
a hint of unsweetened chocolate powder
a few more sprinkles of water

It doesn't just look realistic, your cast will love the flavor! My recipe for fake-poop is even better. That's just a brownie smashed-up to look like a poop. :lol:
We've tried several types of movie blood. Some wash out of your clothes and furniture and some don't. Try a small amount of it before you commit to using it. By the way, we had to repaint a whole wall because the fake blood permanently stained it...bummer.
A note on corn syrup based blood: It doesn't keep forever. After a year, it spreads apart rather than staying where you put it (if you're covering an actor in blood). Since it's so cheap to make, I make it fresh every production, then serve the actors pancakes at the end using the leftover blood as syrup