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video Editing Software Comparisons

I am leaning toward attempting my first music video myself. That way, I will have some leverage for hiring a professional in the future. It will be obvious that I need assistance. I have dabbled with a few video editors over the last several years to create my album files for streaming but have yet to "comp" video takes.

1. Has anyone tried Video Pad or Open Shot?
2. Is it possible to use one editor for certain functions and then transport the video to another editor for other types of detailing?

I read through what everyone else has been using, and if there is any consensus it appears Avid may be it. I will look at that. Until then, I could still benefit from knowing whether or not some of you use one editor for some tasks, and transport the file to another for other tasks. Is that possible?
I would try Davinchi Resolve. It's becoming the new industry standard, it's all encompassing for editing tasks, and it's free. The interface seems a bit complex at first, but if you go through some tutorials, it's actually really great. In recent versions it's developed a strong advantage over other editing software via it's native utilization of 3d cards.

As far as porting shots media across multiple platforms, people do it all the time. For most tasks, Resolve will have you completely covered though, and it won't be necessary. My advice would be to watch some tutorials until you have a functional understanding of all 5 main tabs and their purpose, plus the node systems, and at that point you will be way ahead of most YouTube editors.