DVX200 Audio Issue

I typically use an XLR shotgun mic on my DVX200 and for the first time owning this camera (I just got it a few weeks ago) I plugged in a wireless receiver to test the levels for an interview I was going to do. The lavalier mic is transmitting just fine and the receiver shows a signal just fine, but when I plug it in (using an XLR adapter from the 3.5mm cable) I either get nothing with one cable or a VERY loud hiss and no audio from another adapter/cable combo. It's really weird. I've tried adjusting switches and inputs etc...nothing fixes it. I was just using these mics with another camera (Panasonic AC130) with no problems. I figure it's got to be something setup with the camera. Any ideas?
So after lots of trial and error, I've determined it's something with the mic receiver not outputting audio. :(

In the “hoping the simplest solution is the correct one” dept., have you checked all menu settings and physical controls on the receiver to make sure its output isn’t somehow muted?

Other than that... you get what you pay for. Cheap, knock-off wireless systems aren’t going to hold up well even under light use.