Documentary Filmmaker, pleasure to meet you

Hi! I've been afraid of technology for a long time, but the quarantine is now breaking me. I'm now realizing what an island I've been on. SO, I'm here to network and see what's happening our there in the wonderful world of film production!

I'm a documentary filmmaker and (former 😬) music video director, editor, cinematographer, and producer, all of which I've been juggling since about 2006. Much of the documentary work I do is in the music world - rock docs, doc-based music videos, live concerts, various promos. But I've also done some environmental and adventure films and docu-series - which I'm wanting to do more of.

I shoot on Sony FS7 and Arri Mini with primes lenses as much as possible - and I really push it. For doc work? Everyone's rocking the zoom (not hating) but I try and stick to my primes. And it has bit me in the ass many times. Can I cuss here? I do almost all of my own editing and I run a small (meaning, just me) production company out of Long Beach, CA called, well, Long Beach Film Company. I like spearfishing, gardening, and Scotch Whisky, at the same time when possible.

Looking forward to meeting other strange people!