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festivals Doc Film Festivals; Scam or Success?

I have an amazing full length feature documentary that I want to submit to film festivals that will catapult me to fame. I've gone through the Film Freeway list and narrowed it down to two lists; Academy Award and 2nd tier.
The Academy Award list meet the following criteria; feature documentary entries, no genre specific that I don't fit (women, LBGT, minority, horror, animation) and they aren't Sundance. I'm looking for festivals that will judge my film because of its quality and not because I'm some executives nephew. So first question is

Which larger documentary festivals will actually consider a first time film? Which are a waste of money because they only consider established talent?

And then after those are exhausted and I descend into the 2nd tier

What are the smaller documentary film festivals to avoid? Which ones will actually have some chance of getting film distribution? I don't care about showing my movie for vanity, it's only about getting paid.

I've read some horror stories and have a good starting basis about what not to do. But I want to hear first hand experiences from indie filmmakers. I intend to document and post my experiences with my film festival submission so if anyone wants to get involved I'm more than happy to share what I'm doing and if it works.
Best to all and thank you for reading this.