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watch DETOURS now available on Tubi


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detours poster jan 2020.jpg

My feature DETOURS is now streaming for free on ad-supported TubiTV in the US.

Click HERE to watch it.
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My wife and I enjoyed DETOURS very much. This is a very polished film. How many days did it take to shoot it...what camera was used...and what was the budget?

Thank you! I'm so glad you both watched and enjoyed it.

It was a 20 day shoot. All of the interiors were shot in New Jersey & NYC, plus about 20% of the exteriors. That took 13 days total. Then we went on the road to shoot the rest of it over 7 days. The Tampa/Saint Petersburg scenes, which are last in the movie, were indeed shot last.

We used an Arri Alexa for 95% of it. The portion that is supposed to be "Dan" shooting out the car window with the camera that "Jennifer" bought him was shot with a GoPro.

The budget was $400,000.
Tubi is now blocked in the UK :hmm: Is it available anywhere else?

That's not nice :huh:
Their site now says they're adding the UK sometime this year, and I'm editing my original post to take out the UK.
The other one that we recently went live on - Blume TV - also says they're going live in the UK "early in 2020."

For now, the only one that I'm sure of is Vimeo on Demand - the rental fee is 99 cents US, or the equivalent in the UK.
This is the link:
DETOURS Vimeo on Demand
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If any of you who've watched the movie would like to read the shooting draft of the screenplay, I'm happy to share it.

You'll see things that were cut out and also we re-ordered the scenes to make the final version of the movie flow better.