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video Dealing with multiple Takes & Ext. Audio

Hi everyone,

I usually do commercials or music video. This time, I'm editing a dialogue on Premiere Pro and each actor has about 10 takes. What do you suggest doing to find the right takes for each line without having to fill the timeline of clips to auto-sync the audio?

Would I need to just sync the audio of every single take and then start cutting, or is there a way to prep all the takes by auto-syncing them prior to putting them onto the timeline?

I have made a rough cut of the dialogue scene and there are many lines that I would substitute, with lines from other takes that have a better delivery.

I have done dialogue before but never with so many takes, so it was easy for me to organize the timeline and keep it clean.


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There is paid software that will autosync for you. a google search will turn something up.
but if you want to substitute with lines from other takes there is no alternative than listening to everything and picking the best one manually.
Thank you for replying! Obviously, I need to go through the takes and choose which ones I like. What I mean is that in order to go through all of them, I need to place All of the unedited video clips and the external audio files onto the time line and sync them, which means that my timeline is a huge mess. Isn't there a way to sync the audio in another tab and then play around with the footage that already has the external audio synced?
I can auto-sync also in Premiere Pro; that wasn't my concern. I thought you could group the newly synced audio and footage, and keep them in the Project Panel rather than have them on the timeline. If I use external software, I would need to export, which means losing the raw file that I need to color grade.

Ideally, I would like to be able to choose the in and out points from the source monitor and drag them onto the timeline with the external audio already synced to the raw footage.
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