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Crowdfunding - My Dad is a Time Traveller

Hey all!

I'm following like minded people and am now crowd-funding for my next short film.

My Dad is a Time Traveller - IndieGoGo

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If you cannot donate - as always sharing on Facebook or Twitter is greatly appreciated! :)

Our aim is to get this finished by October and submitted to festivals straight after. It's going to be a challenge, but I'd rather try than not to.

Cheers to anyone who helps out in any way possible! :cheers:

BTW- I know the poster is not cropped properly (in fact this poster is only temporary, I'm getting someone to do a better job next week) it didn't let me crop it to the desired size. But not to worry, I'm putting together a short video pitch next week with my co-writer.

Cheers, I hope it goes good. <--- That's bad thinking. It WILL go good.

Thanks to NickClapper for the first donation. Much appreciated man :) You got a twitter/facebook mention as well. Oh, and if you need help on Monday the 16th, let me know.
Yeah I know :( But I recently sold my camcorder (to pay for rent) so I can't make a video pitch, and I have to go to London this weekend so I have no time to do it. I'm going to be putting up one next Tuesday.

I thought a poster would suffice for now, but the poster isn't sized properly, I've asked indiegogo about it but they haven't responded yet. Every time I change the dimensions of it, and upload it it stays the same. The only thing that happens is the image gets more pixelated.

EDIT: Oh no, I sorted it now. I don't know why it wasn't working earlier.

EDIT 2: Its reverted back to being a knob and cutting it off... I'll just have to wait till indiegogo responds.
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We have the potential backing of a BAFTA short film winner, so that's always good.

In any case, we still have a long way to go! Any help is much appreciated!