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Crowdfunding dilemma

hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I'm currently working on a sci-fi comedy animation feature (will post about it soon) and its come to the point to trying to raise funds to get a 90 minute feature made. we've been quoted $30k which seems reasonable so I'm looking to put together a crowd funding pitch...dilemma is, do I ask for the whole lot in one campaign or break it up into smaller chunks, for example, having 5 campaigns each looking for $6k?

I've been looking at ray's thread about crowd funding and there doesn't seem to be many campaigns asking in excess of $10k. just wondering what your thoughts are on this because its giving me a wee bit of a headache.
I'd try to get it all done in a single campaign myself... You may exhaust/dilute your audience's impact if they know they're going to have to raise funds multiple times.

I would be careful about how you budget too... pay close attention to the expenses you are incurring in all areas. Don't forget the percentage Kickstarter takes out, factor that into your goal too. If you print t-shirts, know about the different types of shirts you can get and find a local shop; most owners will be more than glad to help you and answer questions even if they aren't guaranteed your business!


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It's definitely possible to raise that much, but it certainly takes a ton of work.

The woman who directed my first feature just today reached her EUR 30,000 (about $40,000) goal for her next feature; she and the screenwriter are both German, so they used a site there, but people in the US and Canada contributed as well.


They worked on it pretty much full time beginning several weeks before they went live, and for the month the campaign has run. They made multiple videos, and relentlessly pursued (and got) press coverage. And of course worked social media tirelessly.
thanks for the info guys. I agree that it'll be a full time job in itself promoting the campaign but hopefully I've got the right ideas for it. I'm currently working on a realistic budget just for promoting the campaign at the moment and a regional newspaper seem keen to run a story on the movie so the wheels are creeping forward :)