Credit where credit is due!

In another post, I made a disparaging reference to "content" creators churning out fast-food videos. Well, the almightY algoriThm must have taken it to heart, and pushed this video in my face this morning:

Now there's a guy who knows how to shoot a how-to video: no protracted pauses, no ummm-sooo-uhhhhh-yeahs (apart from one cleverly scripted [and all too familiar] senior moment at 4min), an impressive array of camera angles, a bit of well-placed stop-motion animation because it works at that point, and a nice clean soundtrack in keeping with presentation.

I've no idea who the guy is, but I'm seriously envious of his workshop.
I think the key for this is a script. Many of the people working for YouTube that I know just write down the main ideas, or maybe they have a script but starts talking about too many subjects and doesn't focus just on the script.

And of course, a proper montage is very important!!
I'm not sure I've heard this much new age circular saw themed jazz all in one place before. I personally find jagged spinning blades very relaxing and mellow, and feel I've found a kindred spirit in this purveyor of lithium acid fusion carpentry.