Building an editing computer

Hey gang,

I'm building my first computer (I've *built* a laptop before - i.e. selected parts for my sager). I'm not a complete slug, and do have more friends who've built their own to help me out a little - but I don't know a heap about desktop parts and good editing setups.

I don't really do a lot of after effects work (pretty light), but I want to be able to easily handle the light stuff, with the option of running heavier stuff passably.

What sort of hardrive config should I look at?

This is a build my friend (who doesn't do film) suggested:
His suggestion was use 1 SSD for OS and editing programs. The 2nd for current project files. Then the HDD for eveyrthing else. Does that make sense? Is anything in there overkill?

Ideally I'd want to spend about $2000NZD or less, but I figure that's unlikely, and can push to $2500nzd tops
Whether you go raid or not, get a better harddrive than the WD Green. Those are slow.

Madhatter, you might want to upgrade that drive to a WD Black.. Or if you plan on upgrading to raid, WD Red. It's likely the bottleneck keeping your renders from being realtime or faster.
I got the WD Red myself. Turns out Amazon is doing free shipping to New Zealand on a few things I want, which makes things great! However, the CPU I was planning on (the 4770k) can't be shipped to New Zealand (for a bunch of vague reasons that weren't properly explained when I asked).

Does anyone from IndieTalk live near a microcenter store that would be willing to pick up the CPU for me? I realise I'm asking a lot here, but it'd save me about a weeks and a bit rent to not buy it from New Zealand!
They only allow instore pickup (otherwise I'd getit shipepd to my friend in the US and have it sent over)
I do. Well it's about a half hour drive, but that's not terrible.

Where I'm from that would be considered terrible... hell, where I'm from people will avoid going somewhere that is 10 minutes drive away. But if you're at all willing, I'd be incredibly grateful and would help you in any way I can (though I'm not sure how). Of course you don't have to! Just let me know if you want to help out.