British Ashanti Ghanaian writer,aspiring,filmmaker ,Director ,producer, mother….

Hey hey my name is Davina greenish Levenson. I am an aspiring filmmaker, director, producer, and mother. I have three delightful kids. I was born in Accra Ghana to my amazing British father, an army major and to my Beautiful Ashanti African mother who was a beautician. We were forced to leave Ghana during a government coup and ended up back in my fathers native country of Britain where I was raised with my three sisters.

I ended up in New York City in my early 20’s with big dreams of becoming a successful writer and actress. Although it has been a crazy ride with many ups and downs, my creativity was never affected. My pursuit and love for art in its many forms brought me to where I am today. During my journey I have crossed paths with countless musicians, actors, dancers and artists. I have participated in small creative projects and big network television projects through my three beautiful children, who I co-manage and are also actors/actresses and models.

Today I am passionately pursuing completion of a passion project I have developed called the “Psycho 6”. So far it has been an amazing journey and I would like to connect with filmmakers from all walks of life to inspire, collaborate and learn from one another.
Thank you happy to be here.

Psycho 6 is an explosive teen suspense drama that follows the lives of six youths who decide to commit the unthinkable. This screenplay is based roughly on Davina’s life experiences and will shed light on a dark subject that is not talked about enough.

Childhood friends Mike, Julian, Jack, Austin, and Danny find out that fellow member Bella is being abused by a close family member. Being the young fearless type, they decide to hit the streets as masked vigilantes and teach the assailant a serious lesson. The message is clear. If you mess with one you mess with them all. That impulsive decision goes terribly wrong and sparks a ripple effect of chaotic events and ramifications. Now it is up to the “6” to use their street smarts to outwit and ultimately survive.
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