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"Bid For My Life" - a documentary

Hey folks! I feel really dirty being so shameless about a plug like this, but crowd-funding campaigns mean you have to get your project in front of people that might find it relevant, so here I am! :)

"Bid For My Life" is a feature length documentary about a social experiment I am going to be doing in April, where I will be literally putting my life up for auction. Essentially, I'm going to put an online auction up for days of my life, where I will attempt any (legal) work, task or challenge given to me. I will be exploring the sense of value inherent in paying for someone's time. What will people ask me to do? Will their requests reflect the amount of money paid? In a sense, the documentary is more about the people that bid, rather than what I end up doing.

I'm crowd funding for the budget (most of which will go on crew expenses - no-one is being paid, but I can't expect them to work for nothing and fund their own way through whatever ridiculous journeys we undertake for the month) and would appreciate any support, whether it's just £1 to see the final documentary, if you're interested in the concept, or sharing the link to the project in whatever social networks you enjoy using.


To promote the campaign, and give a kind of teaser to the final documentary, I've been giving donators of £100 or more '5 Minutes of My Life', where they can instantly challenge me to do anything for five minutes. I've had a few funny tasks, but my favourite is when I was asked to serenade shoppers at Waitrose, so I brought my guitar along and started singing to random people. That feature is here, and might entertain, even if you're not interested in the campaign itself:


Thanks for even checking it out! :)
I chose it because I didn't want to be forced to compromise on the cost of creating it. We're nearly at 50% now, but if we'd only raised something like 15% and we were on flexible funding, we'd be forced to make the documentary, without enough of a budget.

In my opinion, flexible funding works when you are going to create something anyway, and the crowd funding is to help with that. In our case, I can't afford to make it unless we get the full funding. Mainly as a safety net for what we're expected to do. While I'm happy to travel around on my own dime (hopefully covered slightly by the actual auctions), if I'm coming out of it with an entertaining film, I can't expect the crew to.
We made it... and a big chuck of that was from the support I received from people from this forum. Thank you all... part of this film will be for you guys!
Tedward - Awesome... I've watched the highlights of that many times and still smile. Now I'm not actually in need of plugging a project, I feel fine about mentioning this.... We did a 17 hour live stream where people could control me live by making a contribution. Edited down into a 22 minute highlights reel, if anyone's interested: