computer-related Best backup strategy/solution?

Hi I am a documentary filmmaker. just finished another project and stack with the same issue. how to backup all my rushes. I have something like 4TB for each project not included my offline avid media files that i want to keep. (and this is for HD projects now since I am filming in 4K it will be larger)
anyone with a working good strategy? how to keep it for years on hard drives that will be locked in a closet?
(brands and specs of hard drives will also be appreciated)
If you can afford it, I think the cheapest way to get a ton of storage on the cheap is to build a little storage array. You can get a Dell MD1200 and fill it with SAS drives, and then you just need a SAS card in a computer to be able to access the array. SAS drives are just starting to drop in price; you'd be surprised at how much storage you can buy up. A lot of people are turning to these things for home storage etc. since they're aging now.
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