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watch Bachelor Pad Cooking Show | Grilling Steak (Episode 1) - by Squinty Studios

Are you single, living alone and too lazy to cook any decent food? Well, this is the show for you. In this episode, we show you how to grill steak in less than 5 minutes. How? Watch to find out!

I decided to create a cooking show, using the theme for easy cooking and targeted at people, well who are single, living alone or too lazy to cook food.


One of the biggest cons I found using a DSLR is that you can only monitor sound levels on the LED screen, but not by ear. So if you hear some noise, it's just my uni directional mic hitting the pole abit. I didn't pick it up until I was in post production.

Anyway, besides my apparent delivery (which I now noticed once some pointed it out), please feel free to leave feed back. I'm planning on continuing this with more episode as I got more ideas to make for it.