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watch Awakening - An action short film


The location for the end of the film is really really great. It looks like a ready made action set and I could imagine an action hero fighting on top of there.

The video quality is pretty good.

The film isn't shot very creatively. The shots aren't bad, but could do with a bit more thought.

The blood effects: The initial blood effects are decent at times. Sometimes the blood splats off a person, but then disappears entirely, once they've fallen to the ground.

The last bit is cool, when the guy in the shirt and tie stands atop the roof and does the flick of his wrist with the gun and kills the baddie.

I think we were meant to care that the guy with the ties friend got shot, but of course there wasn't really any character development before that (other than helping one another up the ladder onto the roof) to make the audience care about the characters. Of course its only a short action film so thats understandable, yet I think you were going for the character with the tie avenging his dead friend at the end.

I liked the main bad guys costume with the hat, funny shirt and glasses. He really looked the part. You should get all your cast appropriate costumes.

However, I know this is just you guys having fun with blood and gun effects and making a little action film. It must have been a fun experience! Overall a nice effort and I'm sure you'll continue to improve.
Wow!! Congratulations!!! You guys did awesome in this short film!! I hope this wont be the only short film you guys make :) :)
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Reminded me of a micro-budget Wanted.


Well done on completing the short. I imagine the post production took longer than filming. Well done.

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