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Audio - Cold with Echo? - How To Make Better

This clip was recorded with a Sennheiser ME 66 and a Zoom H4N on location in a room with a laminate floor. While it is clear, there is a problem that I’m not sure how to describe properly. I think it’s cold and has echo? How would I make it better with Final Cut Pro X? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It's the room, lots and lots of hard surfaces, incredible amounts of bounce that create millions of millisecond echoes. It's actually recorded fairly well for the circumstances. Part of the problem is the mic; shotguns exaggerate the sound of "live" rooms unless aimed with a lot of skill. As an audio post guy I can live with that clip; at least, as you said, it's fairly intelligible.

There are various de-verbing plug-ins; I don't know if any are compatible with Final Cut Pro X.
Thanks Alcove Audio and Soundlufs! Much appreciated! Good advice.

There are plugins that will do "deverbing" and that will probably help a little.

You also have a mid range muffly thing going on. The way to help that is to sweep the mid with a very sharp band filter boosted as much as possible. As you sweep you will find resonances that sound almost like mic feedback. When you find them reverse the filter and notch them out a bit (or a lot). There are probably three or four that will show up.

FCP had no real time adjustments or any decent UI on the sound filters which make this hard to impossible to do. FCPX?

If you are going to do sound post that is where to play around with this. If you are not then give it a try in FCPX. There is nothing "automatic" about it so it will take time.