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vfx Absolutely Clueless

Hi everyone

I am new here and completely clueless. If I try and explain what I am after and I’m wondering if someone can tell me if I’m out my depth to do this.

There is a viral clip which has been going round since 2016 I’ll add link here.

And this is link to it being edited.

I actually work here lol, what I want is the same thing but be able to change what the big screen actually does. If this is a lot to explain to someone who hasn’t even done anything with video before would anyone on here be able to do this for me if it’s an easy job.

I’m happy to explain what I actually want.

Thank you in advance.
So, what I would've done in order to replace the big screen footage:
Track the original footage in Blender. Add a simple plane with a shader mimicking grid and reflections of the original big screen. Add a new stuff behind it, render it and compose it in either AE or Blender.

A quicker and dirtier solution:
Track the footage in AE, setup AE 3D scene, slap the new footage on top of the old screen at the right angle, compose it just enough so it wouldn't look too out of place.

The dirtiest and quickiest:
Put the new footage on top of the big screen and animate it just so corners of the new footage always align with corresponding corners of the big screen.

In any case, YouTube tutorials are you friends. Depending on how realistic you want it to look, it can be a pretty easy job to do.