A guy walks into a forum and then ...

2020 happened! :woohoo:

As someone who frowns arrogantly at fly-by-night posters who disappear without a trace, I am returning to you after just such a disappearance in the most sheepish manner I can manage. :blush: Thanks to the 'Rona, and a sudden demand for my day-job skills, everything film-related on my To Do list was scrubbed; and, somewhat ironically, thanks also to the 'Rona, I've made progress on foundations of the same projects in unexpected ways (not least by finally finishing up things that were still on the 2017 To Do list!)

But uncooperative winter weather and a shortage of daylight hours has now put a stop to my fun and games in the Great Outdoors, so I've made an early New Year's resolution to get myself back into this particular groove. And with that, I have about 700 posts to read and/or comment on, so ... :hi:


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:welcome: back!

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Hi There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
demand for your day job skills is always a good thing :)

Ngghhh ... it keeps my mother happy, but a "proper" job interferes so much with real life ... :idea:

Seriously, though, I'd had a bit of a creative hiatus for the last two years. Was fine working through a list of chores and keeping on top of routine stuff, but couldn't summon up much enthusiasm for anything artistic while I was always preparing for my next contract, or recovering from the last. Then I hosted a "covid refugee camp" during August, had a great bunch of people infuse the house with music, dance, poetry, culinary arts, various degrees of drama and pure stupidity. That was enough to get me back on track. Did two more contracts and then opted out of gainful employment for the rest of the year ... and the creative juices are flowing again. 🤓