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campaign 16mm short film crowdfunding

Hey Everyone!

I'm making a film next month as part of my graduation for MA Directing. I would like to share my crowdfunding campaign here with you. I have always wanted to shoot on film and this story has been in development for some time and I am excited to bring my vision alive! If you like what you see would mean a lot if you share and let your fellow filmmakers about this project. A donation would be amazing and we have great perks for you to choose, but if that's not possible, a simple share would go a long way!


Synopsis: Dante is writing about a woman he has been seeing in his dreams. Alice is an actress who he has no recollection of knowing, but somehow the visions seem too real. Dante visualizes her world around his own and observes a day in her life as she slowly becomes self-aware of the writer's presence. Alice starts seeing visions of Dante and her reality intertwines with his until the two come together in a vacant building and find out about their shared dreams.


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