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  1. JHar888

    The Nightmare Man - feature film

    New feature in the works. We're doing this on a $40,000 budget. We've got some very talented cast and crew members on board, and hope to have some big time cast/crew additions soon. Here's some coverage we received from Horror Society...
  2. JHar888

    3 Features in the Works

    Hey there, folks. I figured I'd use this lovely forum for a bit to take some time to fill you guys in on some of my upcoming projects. If anyone is interested, or knows of anyone who may be interested in filling the crew positions listed below, don't hesitate to get in touch. All positions are...
  3. JHar888

    LOON - My First Feature

    Hey everyone, please check out my first feature I produced. We are looking to send this off to festivals, then hope to get a distribution deal. Enjoy!
  4. JHar888

    A Lesson in Torture - indie horror feature slasher film

    Hey there you guys, I'm here right now to speak about a film I'm serving as an associate producer for. The name of the film is A Lesson in Torture, and it revolves around a girl named Lyla who's parents are killed in a car crash. Shortly thereafter, she ends up living with her aunt in a small...
  5. JHar888

    Writer/producer looking to help with feature-length horror projects

    Hello there. My name is Jason H, I'm from Memphis, TN, and I'm a huge fan of horror films. I know all the how-to's and whatnot about delivering hardcore scares. I've so far earned a feature film credit (lame special thanks) on a feature horror film as well as an official documentary on the...
  6. JHar888

    Looking for a solid feature-length horror script

    I'm looking for a pretty solid horror script to produce alongside a talented filmmaker who lives in my area. Something that can be done on a relatively low budget. I'll take a look at anything horror, but I'd prefer slasher films, particularly in the style of the '74 Texas Chainsaw Massacre...
  7. JHar888

    Acquring Rights to Cover a Song

    Hey there, n00b here in need of some help. I have an indie hard rock/metal artist who is to work for free, recording a song to use for the end credits of an upcoming film I'm working on. I know of a very fitting song that would be perfect, but I want the band to cover the song, making it a lot...
  8. JHar888


    Hey there, my name's Jason, I'm from Memhis, TN, and filmmaking is something I'd really like to get into. I'm a huge fan of horror films, looking to follow the footsteps of Tim Ritter and Chad Ferrin. I have yet to do anything special, but in less than a year or so you will be able to see my...