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  1. _Rok_

    Storyboarding Software: Storyboarder

    I did a search and didn't see it here. It's quick, simple, and free. STORYBOARDER
  2. _Rok_

    watch LAST EXIT (SHORT)

    An exiled private investigator struggles to decide whether to accept a case that will set him on a collision course with his own grisly past. LAST EXIT 14min noir crime drama
  3. _Rok_

    Web Host?

    iPage wants to charge me $12/mo on my 24mo renew. This feels steep. Any suggestions on a host for my site?
  4. _Rok_

    I can't believe it!

    My short is done! Heartfelt thanks to IndieTalkers Alcove Audio & Mitchell Gibbs for making this little short sound like a movie. Full report to come.
  5. _Rok_

    LAST EXIT (Short): Teaser is online

    Teaser for LAST EXIT is online of all to enjoy. TEASER ON VIMEO FACEBOOK PAGE WEBSITE
  6. _Rok_

    LAST EXIT (Short): Web Links

    Hey filmmakers, For those of you who wish to follow my short through its final weeks of post, and beyond, I've created a FaceBook Page and a webpage. I'll be posting regular updates, lots of photos, and a teaser. Facebook Page (Do me a favor and gimme a 'like', 'follow', and 'share') Website...
  7. _Rok_

    LAST EXIT Nearing Completion.

    A special thanks to the dedicated Artists, Crew, and Indie-talkers who lent me their time & talents. My short "LAST EXIT" is just a few weeks from wrapping.
  8. _Rok_

    Shooting In UK

    Just got back from two weeks of shooting VFX plates in the UK. What a beautiful country (as seen mostly from the back seat of a car). My hotel was build in the 1700's! Great production and a fantastic cast/crew with a real sense of camaraderie. They gave me an embarrassingly-generous send off...
  9. _Rok_

    Need Some VFX Support?

    Greetings . I'm a VFX Supervisor. Over the past year, I've had several Indie Talkers reach out and ask me specific questions about how to create specific VFX shots ... indie-style. Please consider this post an open invitation to drop me a line if you want any assistance in how to plan...
  10. _Rok_

    iPhone Video Camera App for Practice?

    I'd like to shoot some video with my iPhone5c and was wondering if there was a "go-to" app that would give me more manual control of the video camera.
  11. _Rok_

    Time off from work, so I can work

    This gig has left me an absolute basket-case from constant travel and 7-day weeks. My immune system is shot and every morning my right eye is swollen shut. What remains of my hairline has receded faster than a Chilean glacier. I haven't worked in TV for many years, and it has really pushed me...
  12. _Rok_

    March, already?

    Ever since I took this new gig, post production on my short film has slowed to a crawl. Only 10 VFX shots to go, but still the end eludes me. I'm hoping that telling on myself will push me to wrap up me short. This new job is a fantastic opportunity. I haven't done TV work in about 17 years...
  13. _Rok_

    Nice Way To End The Year

    Last week, I started a new VFX gig on a large production. Last night, I shot the final VFX fire elements for VFX for my short film (nobody got hurt!). Tonight, I'm, spending New Years animating a CG car crash. On target and moving forward. I hope to keep this momentum in 2014. Happy New...
  14. _Rok_

    VFX Resource: Lens Distortion Grids

    THIS SITE has grids for many types of lenses. A good resource for Compositors who need to un-distort a plate in order to track in additional elements. Thomas
  15. _Rok_

    Pickups v.s. Principle Photography

    All the work and 1% of the crew. I'm glad it's done. Much respect to PAs, Grips, and Gaffers; my muscles are shot.
  16. _Rok_

    I knew her when ...

    The female co-star in my short will be on the Emmy Awards tonight. She is one of two hostesses who brings out the awards and escorts the winners off stage. What a great gig! I'm very happy for her. On my short, she almost went home before her audition because she didn't think she was the...
  17. _Rok_

    First Assembly Edit Completed.

    I'm back. I've been laying low, planning my post production workflow, and basically getting my ducks in a row. Last night, I finished the first assembly edit of my film. It's too long, clunky and lacks any refinement, yet I'm happy with where things stand. It's very encouraging to see...
  18. _Rok_

    Good Link Re: Copyright|Logos|Brands|Music

    I keep seeing these questions popping up: - Can I protect my idea before pitching it? - Shooting recognizable locations or products. - Photo releases. - Do I have to license the music for Kickstarter campaign video? Here's a LINK to the answers from an entertainment attorney. Thomas
  19. _Rok_

    Conforming in FCP7 & Merged Clips

    Let me start by saying that I'm not an editor by trade, and do not consider myself particularly 'technical', but as a VFX guy I like develop a plan before I dive into a project. I wanted to learn two workflows before I started editing my short: 1) How to do an offline edit in ProRes-Proxy and...
  20. _Rok_

    MPEG Streamclip = No TC (do I care?)

    I transcoded all my footage to ProRes Proxy using MPEG Streamclip, and now see that it didn't pass the timecode to the new file. I've done several tests with conforming back to the original HQ footage and it seems to work just fine. Although it's much slower than MPEG Streamclip, Compressor...