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    video Editing Software Comparisons

    I am leaning toward attempting my first music video myself. That way, I will have some leverage for hiring a professional in the future. It will be obvious that I need assistance. I have dabbled with a few video editors over the last several years to create my album files for streaming but have...
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    music Audio/Video Files

    Let's say I respond to a call for music, send a song link via my website, and my work is chosen for an independent film. Will the music team tell me in what form they want the file or is there a current standard for deliverables? Thank you.
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    Seeking Music Video Cinematographer/Editor

    Just doing some ground work at this point . . . I am interested in viewing/reviewing the work of filmmakers who have shot and edited several--at least five music videos I could find online somewhere--preferably your own website since I am not a social media type. If I can view your work...
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    suggestion by Genre

    Is there a way I can organize the Videos page, so I can quickly find and watch specific genres?
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    misc Song Lyric to Script

    How common or uncommon is it for a full-length film--not a music video--to be developed around the lyrics of a specific song? Thanks.
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    misc Film Makers and Websites

    Photographers often have their own websites to promote their work. Is this also common among Independent film makers or not so much?
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    I am Music. Music meets Film.

    Hello, all. This could be fun. I saw a recent question about music licensing. There are several good books on this topic, but if you would rather read online articles I should be able to post a few links here?