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    PSEUDONAMES, a 15 Page Political Satire/RomCom

    Eyy! Thank you :D The dialogue is probaly what I've changed most over the last couple drafts; good to know it paid off! You're not the first to say that :/ but I'm not sure what to do about it. I want to keep the script as short as possible, and the stroy isn't about the boyfriend. What if I...
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    PSEUDONAMES, a 15 Page Political Satire/RomCom

    I've written a short that I hope to film later this year. I appreciate all opinions and suggestions. A young woman is taken out of her comfort zone for a day to help her make a choice about where her life is going, but first must decide on who she wants to be. Here's a link to the script...
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    Hello! I'm a writer/sound recordist/camera operator/wannabe-director from London. Y'all seem like a cool bunch. I look forward to chatting to you around the boards.