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  1. JHar888

    Is shooting a feature with old DSLR a good idea in 2015?

    1 in a million chances tho.
  2. JHar888

    a Halloween article in Videomaker Magazine

    ^ This is beautiful. <3
  3. JHar888

    watch New horror feature

    Woah. Where can I see this?
  4. JHar888

    Wave Factory | Film Score & Sound Design

    Awesome. :)
  5. JHar888

    Hello, a question for a person who like to make screenplays (For Fun)

    Just start reading screenplays. That's how I learned at least.
  6. JHar888

    watch MC Yo Wassup - Diary of a Rap Star (Official Music Video 2014)

    What ever happened to "Turn Me into Gangster?"
  7. JHar888

    looking to hire a few crew members

    Adrian, Michigan?
  8. JHar888

    Which is the better genre - horror or drama?

    This. Horror > everything. :yes:
  9. JHar888

    Need someone to score my feature

    I know someone who may be interested. I'll ask around.
  10. JHar888

    70 Free Screenplays

    Wow, nice find.
  11. JHar888

    3 Features in the Works

    Thank you sir. Sorry for the bump, but we're still looking for crew members. If anyone's interested, don't hesitate to contact me.
  12. JHar888

    The Nightmare Man - feature film

    ^ Those bastards at Higher Nutrition appear to have taken it down. :( You can check it out at our Facebook page, however.
  13. JHar888

    The Nightmare Man - feature film

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. :)
  14. JHar888

    The Nightmare Man - feature film

    Thanks a ton! We should have a teaser trailer ready to go before long.
  15. JHar888

    The Nightmare Man - feature film

    New feature in the works. We're doing this on a $40,000 budget. We've got some very talented cast and crew members on board, and hope to have some big time cast/crew additions soon. Here's some coverage we received from Horror Society...
  16. JHar888

    Looking for screenplays

    I got back to you on another forum, but didn't get a response. Shoot me an email.
  17. JHar888

    Emulating 80s Cinematography

  18. JHar888

    Horror Films

    I remember having a huge jump in my horror viewing. I remember watching episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps, then being forced to view Child's Play 2 courtesy of my awesome father at the age or like, 3 or 4. Then we went to see Saw as a family when I was a youngster as well...