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    Film reviews/Short Film Channel

    If anyone here is a fan of short films or enjoys talking about new and upcoming movies please take a look at my channel. I do short films as well as movie reviews and more to come in the future. Trying to build a community of people that just love movies. Here is my latest review, Give it a...
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    watch Ant-Man Short Film

    This is the second is a series of short films I am doing for the movie theatre I manage at. Kind of like mini-stories and episodes pertaining to certain upcoming movies. This is the second episode and is themed around Ant-Man, The first is a avengers video which I still have to upload but has...
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    Need to fill bathtub full of blood for a scene

    Ok so I am shooting a scene where the camera dollies up to a bathtub where the actor is already inside and the bathtub needs to be full of blood and his head emerges from one end, The tub is porcelain and It absolutely cannot stain the tub. Also I want the blood to be not so much on the bright...
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    question about recording audio on set.

    So in some behind the scenes video i see the actors acting and the boom operator doing his job and the director will tell the actors during the shot when to look in certain directions or react at a certain time. My question is since the audio for the scene is also being recorded you would hear...
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    watch Blackmagic camera test montage!

    This is a test montage of some shots I did with the Blackmagic cinema camera. Still learning a lot about it but I feel the video turned out good, especially the final shot. Music by Luke Neumann of Neumann films.
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    Looking for videography work in my area with no luck(Michigan)

    So I feel as though my skill with filming and knowledge has gotten to the point where id like to make some money off my work, I'm having a really hard time finding people In the area that need work done. Any suggestions?
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    Quality lenses 500 and below micro 4/3 bmpcc

    So I know I have posted about this quite a lot but shipping on the cam is coming close and I need lens help as I'm not too familiar with m4/3. Here's what I was looking at Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Sigma 30mm f2.8 These are both realitivley cheap and appear to have no problems when mounted on the...
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    Torn between the Blake magic cinema and pocket cam

    Ok so I've had my eye on black magic for a while now. I currently own a canon t2i and have 3 canon EF LENSES. I also have the blackmagic pocket camera on preorder but I have been thinking a lot lately now that the bmcc ef mounts are more readily available. I love the size and easy SD RECORDING...
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    Black magic pocket camera lense options?

    My camera hopefully will arrive at the end of the month and all I have are my 3 canon ef lenses from my 550d is there a good adapter that will let me have full control of the lense? And will it work for all my lenses as long as there ef? Lastly can anyone reccomend and good micro 4/3 lenses to...
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    Best Editing Pc for under $1,000

    Ok so I plan to get the new black magic pocket cinema camera at the end of next month and my macbook pro is not going to cut it for video editing( it hardly does now for my .h264 files) So i have exactly 1,000 to spend on a desktop computer to fit my needs, id prefer a computer that is already...
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    creating a scifi costume, need help with mask design materials

    So I saw a youtube channel create a scifi costume, and the helmet he made connects to the costume using a round metal attachment that is locked on the costume part that the helmet connects to here is a link to the costume...
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    Just bought a tascam dr100 mkii. Need help.

    I have a shoot tomorrow for a school project and plan to use the tascam to record audio, I know it isn't the best choice but it's all I have to work with at the moment. My tascam seems to be playin back my audio files slower then normal and distorted. I also don't think I set the recorder to HS...
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    Best choice in sound equipment

    Ok so I have a decent camera, a couple lights, pretty much everything but a decent audio recorder. I do have a rode video mic, not the video mic pro just the standard one. I plan on picking up the Tascam dr100 mkii for $250. Would i be alright just using a XLR adaptor and plugging the video mic...
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    lighting a horror scene at night with work lights

    so i have a shoot in about 4 hours, Me and a friend are shooting a small horror sequence in his house. What would be the best way to light it so the house remains dark(as if no lights are turned on it the kitchen for example) but have small amounts of light as if coming from outside? heres what...
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    watch 2 Dolly test videos, feedback is appreciated!

    This is the first dolly test. This is the second, all sound is this one was added in post to create a horror vibe, except the phone ringing was actually happening.
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    question about sound on film set

    so i have been watching some film behind the scenes and i noticed you hear someone yelling certain actions during the take, such as fall or die or whatever they want the actor to do at a certain time so he knows. how would you go about removing the sound of what the person is saying? i am...
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    Scifi armor creation help if possible.

    I'm creating a scifi character and I'm trying to find a material I can use for it, in going for a some what skin tight looking suit probably all black and then ill design on top of that, I was looking into rubber suits but there expensive and most were for women an a man will be wearing this...
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    watch DESTINY concept teaser #1 post apocalyptic sci-fi web series

    Shot this about a week ago, keep in mind the series is still in concept stage and none of this is acutal footage from the series, just a small trailer to test what i've learnt about filmmaking and to give a tiny gist of what's to come. Any advice and comments will be greatly appreciated...
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    fake blood that does not stain

    Ok so i know how to make fake blood that is good with not staining clothes, but i need some that i can throw on a white wall and be able to wipe it off. I need it in 2 days so i cant order anything online, does anyone know a recipe for fake blood that wont stain a wall or floor? thanks!
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    a long single take(20-30seconds)

    Ok so a short i am doing has the opening take starting on the street in-front of a house at night, jacko-lanterns light up the outside and the screen is taken off the front door with a bowl of candy sitting inside of it for trick or treaters(supposed to take place halloween night). I want the...