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    watch Sargento's Saddle

    Well, here it is. For better or for worse, my first project. My son was our team leader and executive producer. I was his "line producer" for the project. He also came up with the story and wrote the first script (then two other guys rewrote that...
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    Codec Question

    Stoopid newbie question of the day... I know this has been asked before, but my searches left me bewildered. This is my first real project. What is the sharpest, least lossy codec we could use for submitting our first project. Our only option for submission is a self-contained Quicktime...
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    Eventide UltraChannel Native Plug-in FREE through July 8 2014

    FYI, I just saw this:
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    What do you think of this audio in post advice?

    I realize it is oversimplified, but as advice to a total noob, how would you rate the following article? It is not not mine, I just saw it online... I am still trying to find someone who can do sound design, sound editing...
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    Need Sound Editor, Boom Op, Gaffer, Scripty for 48HFP in Louisville, KY July 25-27

    Rules of the competition state that all team members must be volunteers, so this is a NON-Paid gig-- just food, credit, and a chance to see your work on the big screen. I will pay your contest entry fee. You will also receive one free copy of NewBlueFX's Film Color plug-in (a $59 value). The...
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    Reputable (online) Rental Companies

    Quick question... are there any rental places online that are shady and need to be avoided? Do any have a particularly solid reputation. Not just a glass place, but if I wanted to get maybe a slider, grids, and a camera. Is ATS, Aperturent,, or Trew any good?
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    Seeking Advice. First Project. 48hr-film contest.

    This year I wanted to join a team in a 48hr film project competition, and the nearest one to me is about two hours from where I live. It starts July 25th. Then my 12 year old son found out about it and wanted to have a major role in doing one. I have always wanted to produce something that I...
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    What Should I Watch Next

    I liked Primer, Man From Earth, Timecrimes, Memento, and Moon. Are there other moderately budgeted indie-type movies I might enjoy, that have a similar sci-fi bent or films that tell the tale in an usual way? I'm thinking mainly about movies that don't require million dollar special effects or...
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    I want this...

    Well, since so many of you have been asking what you can get me for my birthday--
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    Article: "YouTube Just Solved Your Indie Film's Soundtrack Needs"

    I just saw this:
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    I just saw this...
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    Anyone ever used a Mesmerizer?
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    Win a Free Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III

    SnapKnot is giving away either a brand new Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III. The winner will be selected by random drawing at the end of the giveaway:
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    Vimeo Distribution Option At SXSW today, Vimeo's announced the launch of an open self-distribution service that will allow filmmakers and other video creators to sell their work directly via rental or download, and to keep 90% of the revenue after...
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    What Did I Do Wrong Here?

    I had some P2HD footage I was editing, and when I exported it out of premiere, it looks like this (ignore the black at the beginning, it's the weird interlacing-looking edge-line things that have me weeping here).
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    Tascam DR-100, Three Extra Batteries, and Power Supply Brand new, never been used.
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    Best Place to Get Gels?

    Hi, I have a set of three 24inch by 32inch softboxes that take CFLs (I'm currently using 425-Watt-equivalents worth of quasi-daylightish bulbs in all three boxes) as shown here: and I have been unable to find any "stater...
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    sale on Rode NTG-3 $499.00 at DVe
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    Rosco #2210 M20 Plug?

    Someday. Someday I will be able to give back to this fine forum and help others with knowledge and experience. But alas, today is not that day. Today I opened a package that contained (non-returnable) ebay items: a junior2k, a baby650, and a mini200 mole-richardson fresnel. I unwrapped the...
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    Quality Wired Lav Recommendations?

    Based on a really old head-to-head review of wired lav reviews, to me, four different mics (in four different price ranges) seemed to stand out. In order from least expensive to most expensive, they were...