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  1. LukeJacksonComposer

    Cinematic Music Available For License

    Hi All, I often post here promoting my services for bespoke music composition. However, I know that most indie filmmakers are often working to a very tight budget, so I just thought I'd let you know that I have a little selection of cinematic music available for license over on AudioJungle...
  2. LukeJacksonComposer

    Hello From UK-Based Composer

    Hello All, I'm a composer for visual media based in the UK and would love to get working and collaborating with some of you. You can find me at... Best of luck with all of your projects! Luke
  3. LukeJacksonComposer

    Composer Seeking Exciting New Projects

    Hi all, I'm a composer for visual media and I'm currently looking for exciting new projects to begin working on. Much of my music is grounded within orchestral / electronic composition, however I have experience working within numerous musical styles and genres and am more than comfortable...