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  1. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    should i write a novel or a script? or both? let's see.

    hello guys, had to come back to gather opinions. :) i love books but i have a problem: i start reading and then i catch myself in the 5th line, remembering nothing from all what i had read so far. it's just impossible for me to focus, idk why. i had this problem since junior high. i am also a...
  2. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    any noir-ish, vintagy, comic-like fans out there for collaboration?

    'sup fellas. i'm slowly but steadily starting to learn as much as i can about filmmaking and screenwriting. i'm currently writing down on paper some scriptwriting tips from a greek blog (i love the feeling of writing, as well as the old typewriters :D). in the meantime, i will try to develop...
  3. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    *with Arnold's voice* "i'm back."

    hey fellas, long time no see. :) i sorted out some things in my life, put everything in an order and now i'm ready to join the game again. :cool: i love all kinds of arts, especially music-since i am a musician-and films. my passion for these two re-emerged recently and i've been trying to...
  4. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    amateur in everything in real life seeking help.

    happy new year people! :D can anyone help me with my infinite querries? and maybe work with me on some scripts? i wanna start writing (again) but i lack the basic knowledge about everything: politics, sociology, law, psychology, you name it. i tried wikipedia but it was confusing. (if only...
  5. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    software for sin city-type film?

    which software is the best for animation? i want it to look like "Rennaisance" but not with so high contrast of black and white. i need more gray in it, like sin city. which one-or which combination of softwares-you think is the best? computer's capabilities are not an issue. ;)
  6. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    anyone else's ideas being seen in films before he put them in a film?

    have you ever had an idea in your scrapbook and one day see it in a film? how would you react? it has happened to me many times, the most recent one was a couple days ago when i read somewhere that Iceland is planning to start drilling underground in 2 years from now or so. back in 2007 i had...
  7. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    any tips for writing long scripts?

    how do pro scriptwriters think and work when it comes to writing scripts for multi-sequel films or shows with long duration and many seasons? for example, in a show, they write fresh material every week or they have prepared all the episodes until the end of the project? same goes for movies...
  8. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    frustrated big-shot filmmaker wannabe.

    hey guys. :) i didn't know in which section should i make this thread, so i apologize in advance. i'll get straight to the point. i live in Greece which has a very rich history of important quality films, as well as garbage. the only greek big budget film is "To Kako 2" with Billy Zane, i also...
  9. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    can i name my film's characters after real celebrities?

    so as you probably already know, i'm trying to develop a universe and currently struggling to write the script. my universe will have some elements from the early days of my favorite rock band, Iron Maiden. i want my main characters to be named after the band's members. for example, "inspector...
  10. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    how would you help a beginner scriptwriter?

    hey people! i'm one step closer to start writing my first script. problem is, i put my random ideas in an order, but now i don't know where to begin from. i have the imagination but i lack the know-how of putting a story together. that's a pity, when i was in elementary school i used to write...
  11. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    e-courses of directing.

    hey people, all good? :) so, i had made an application to study directing for free in a film school here in my city but i got rejected. i didn't do anything bad, i was just not chosen. xD i would say better that they didn't accept me, cause my schedule is very heavy these days, so i found a...
  12. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    need help (scriptwriter and/or director) about comic-like project.

    hi people, it's me again. xD here's the deal. i have been working a project in my mind for years. the original idea was to express myself through comics. but it wasn't enough for me, i needed to see my ideas in motion. i'm planning to start developing the script but i'm gonna need some extra...
  13. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    lotsa inspiration, lack of focus and some questions.

    yo men. just wanted to share my thoughts and hear your opinions. :) so, how do you people work? how are you brainstorming? i have 2 main big ideas at the moment and countless details that i could fit anywhere, but i lack the general knowledge for many-and especially-well known facts, such as...
  14. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    recommend me noir films.

    as the title says, i want you guys to suggest me any black and white film you like. from silent cinema (for example with Chaplin) until the last noir film ever shot. :D thanks!
  15. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

    hey friends. a couple days ago i was discussing with a friend about cameras, i told him that i need a professional one for shooting like a boss and NOT a simple camcorder. he told me to look for one that has 2.8k or 4k @ 10 bit. i don't even know what that meant but i did my research and came...
  16. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    newbie questions.

    hello people! i'm sorry if i sound silly, i'm just trying to learn. :blush: -how can i achieve that smooth, dark yellowish, "photoshopped" kinda quality that "300" and "sin city" have? the guys in the other section suggested a lens (35mm f1.8) for my Nikon 3300D. is the lens the only solution...
  17. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    some silly, how-to questions.

    hi fellas! i'm working on some short scripts and i'm gonna be shooting them soon but i have no idea about the equipment i will need. i recently bought a nokia lumia 1020, its cam has 41 megapixels and it records full HD vids. you can also download many lenses and post effects (though i still...
  18. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    Sony HDR-XR520 for sale OR trade with Canon.

    ok i had bought the camcorder 1.800 euros several years ago but i used it very few times. i sell it for 400 euros OR trade it with a Canon photo camera of equal value. :)
  19. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    440 Hz VS 432 Hz. what do you think? i'm a musician btw and i'm working on 2 music projects atm and this is quite interesting. :D
  20. Nikki Malkavian Z-boy

    looking for director/producer or something.

    hi fellas! i'll get straight to the point. i have 2 main universes and countless more scattered ideas in my mind. in the beginning i wanted to express them by comics but then i decided i wanna see them "alive" and in motion. i don't mind if it's gonna be animation or normal film with human...