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  1. NewFlight

    service Learn how to add easy VFX to your short film as a low budget filmmaker

    Hi everyone, I own a small media company; we mainly create VFX and animation for small businesses. One thing I've also spent time focusing on is showing local filmmakers how to improve their films with visual effects with a small (or no) budget. With free software, its easy. If you are like most...
  2. NewFlight

    Very cost 3D visual effects for your short films

    Hi everyone, I would like to offer very cost effective VFX and animation to new filmmakers looking for ways to make their films 'pop'. With 3D smoke simulations, fire, CG elements and more, I think I can offer some very competitive work that can give your films an edge. If you would like to hear...
  3. NewFlight


    Hi everyone, My name is Chris; I'm mainly a VFX pipeline artist. Looking forward to potentially collaborating.